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o oh

Hvernig rúllar þú fréttunum? – Coming exhibition

Found rhythm

Thursday in town

  Spent my day with Sif Ægisdóttir in her jewellery studio húnoghún in the center of Reykjavik before life drawing hours of the evening. Thursday can’t get much better, can it!    

I grow rainbows in my garden

Spring is coming. Only rain and sunshine. And rainbows growing in my garden.    

Destruction of a phone book III


Looking back

  To see more photos: click   Photos by Joan de Silva

Destruction of a phone book II

Back to silver

After a long break I finally had a change to work with metal again. So different compared to glass.   I love it.      

Dancing paperweights, grinding & polishing

Paperweights by Sigrun Einarsdottir, Gler i Bergvik.      


Destruction of a phone book

Working sunday

A walk on a beach between working and working. Need to hire someone to roll beads for me…    

Reykjavik Winter Lights

I thought it was time to come out of the forest and head to town to enjoy Reykjavik Winter Festival 2012 and Museum Night. Lots of people on the streets and many things… Continue reading

Rolling rolling

I’m running out of magazines soon…   Also I’ve been admiring some amazing press photos today.

Puh pah Thursday


Change is good

Going somewhere is good. Falling for something is good.   Leaving is good.  


Stormy weather just keeps going. I’ve been busy getting a manicure on a grinding wheel. Also got some paperweights polished.  

I keep forgetting that I’m in Iceland…

I see only the nature around me.

Sunday morning hike

We started our Sunday by going for a hike. From the top of Mosfell mountain I could almost see my house at the feet of Esja.   The hike was about 6 km… Continue reading

Visit to Vík

After Golden Circle we decided to drive to Vík. The southernmost village in Iceland has only about 300 inhabitants. The amazing black beach is said to be one of the ten most beautiful beaches… Continue reading

Golden circle tour

Creative Icelandic design

Testing The Beardcap by VÍK PRJÓNSDÓTTIR. All their products are made of Icelandic sheep wool.  I’m also a big fan of their THE SEALPELT ( SELSHAMURINN )!   Test result: 5 stars

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