E! – VEC tour and audio performances

To get to know my new town better, I started my day with VEC guided tour of the city. The tour full of interesting places, stories, memories and historical facts I was happy to be walking around with Rod Summers. He is a British performance and sound artist who first came to Maastricht in the beginning of the 1970s as a soldier. He studied in Jan van Eyck Academy, and he has been living here ever since.
In the evening we travelled to Heerlen to see and to listen performances at (h)ear audio center. Two female artists, two very different kind of performances.
Margriet Kicks-Ass composing with sound, water and an underwater microphone.
Olivia Pils a.k.a. Fake mistress played an improvised live version of her second CD “Great True Crime Stories” with illustrated silkscreen-booklet, creating a portrait of seven famous women murderers.