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WiP: potholders in row

Ceramic kettle gloves cast in plaster mould, shaped afterwards.

WiP: kettle glove – out of mould!

Finally the plaster mould was dry and I got to test how it comes out when pouring liquid clay inside.  

WiP: fingers crossed – testing alginate

For the first time I tried alginate to make molds with great details. It i made out of brown algae and also used by dentist (having a nice smell of mint). Very exciting!… Continue reading

E!: hyperrealisme vs. postmodernism

Jeff Koons vs. John de Andrea   both can be seen in Ludwig Forum in Aachen, Germany.   Plus you can send postcards because you are already an hour away from Maastricht and… Continue reading

WiP: fired empty nest

While my plaster mould is drying, I’m going back to some old work. Finally the other half of the empty house is being fired. Thinking of glazing, colors and presentation.  

WiP: Green chair of Tuesday

O!: Documentary of Bill Viola

A documentary about Bill Viola was shown in ABKM.

WiP: story telling & video work

I continued working with a story project I started some years ago. The story is turning into a video piece, visual story telling playing with rhythm of words.  The video will be in… Continue reading


Het was een geslaagde nieuwjaarsreceptie van Bonnefantenmuseum, Jan van Eyck Academie, Academie Beeldende Kunsten, Marres en NAiM/Bureau Europa. Saskia van Stein, artistiek directeur van Bureau Europa, sprak als gastvrouw de nieuwjaarswensen uit.  … Continue reading

WiP: Second half of the plaster mould

The second half of my kettle glove mould was made plaster catching all the little details of textile.   The mould will be dried in a drying cabinet for the next two weeks.

WiP: watch your fingers! – mould making

The kettle glove was being sealed with varnish and filled with paper. First a clay base was made as a preparation for a layer of plaster.   The best tricks for mould making… Continue reading

WiP: Back to the school bench

Holidays are over, like the amazing trip to Balkans. Time to get back to work!  

BIGZ – a piece of culture in Belgrade

Built in 1930s, it used to be one of the biggest publishing houses. Now huge abandoned building of BIGZ is being occupied by bands and artists as well as different style bars and… Continue reading

Women of Mitrovitsa

    We had a chance to go to north of Kosovo which is still divided area between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs. In Mitrovitsa we visited local NGO Mundesia. They are organizing women… Continue reading

Newborn of Pristina

The sculpture Newborn in the center of Pristina stands for the Kosova Declaration of Independence Day, 17 February 2008.

On the top of Prizren

Prizren is a beautiful little town full of feeling. Before jumping in a bus towards Pristina we hiked up to the fortress.    

Arriving to Kosovo – town of Prizren


On our way to Kosovo

We jumped in a night bus to Novi Pasar in Serbia to continue with “the secret connection” towards Kosovo.  

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