Monthly Archive: September, 2013

WiP: Making moulds with Sander

  The day started with mould making. Sander Boeijink helped us to make plaster molds for kiln casting. First a positive was made out of clay.   In the afternoon we turned on a… Continue reading

WiP: Water color flow II

Finally I have time to get settled in my Amsterdam apartment!   After hours of cleaning at home I grabbed a big brush and  flowed around in my studio with water color. I… Continue reading

E!: Framer Framed – Speaking From the Heart

Framer Framed   Speaking From the Heart – The Polemic Sensibility from Iran   from 27th of September on In Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam  

WiP: Water colors with Maria Roosen

  Finally after a slow start and a trip to Venice we are getting started in the glass department! These are sketches that came out during the water color class with Maria Roosen.… Continue reading

E!: The Sandberg series: performance by Michael Portnoy & Ieva Misevičiūtė

Experimental performance by Michael Portnoy and Ieva Misevičiūtė in the Goethe Institut at 7.30pm.    More about the artists transparence here.                        

E!: Venice Biennale – Arsenale

  The area of Arsenale is beautiful, and huge! A lot of interesting art to be seen. I enjoyed the video work by French-Moroccan artist Bouchra Khalili in the far end of the… Continue reading

E!: Mark Quinn – retrospective exhibition

    Mark Quinn  in Venice until 29th of September                 

O!: Day in Murano

  Long but interesting day in the glass island of Murano.   We visited Adriano Berengo‘s studio, and one of the three locations of Glass Stress exhibition. Tony Oursler is one of the artist… Continue reading

E!: Venice Biennale – Giardini

I spent the whole day in Giardini area of Venice Biennale 2013. I started my tour from the Danish Pavilion which turned out the be one of my favorites presenting video/multimedia installation by… Continue reading

wip: continuing edition of Persuasion

    I had a feeling that it is time to go on with Persuasion project.   The video was filmed yesterday in a big hall with crazy long echo in Lbb in… Continue reading

WiP: getting back to glass

  Since I started working with glass my relationship with it has been a battle of on and off periods. Not even touching glass for a bit over an year, I’m continuing my… Continue reading

Back to work

The semester started in the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Interesting, promising. Next week we are heading to Venice, to Art biennale 2013.   Still I have the amazing building of LBB, cultural freezone in… Continue reading

Leaving Mitrovica behind

One more view of the city of Mitrovica. From far away the city looks like one and united. No dividing river nor blocking sand piles. Far in the north you can see a… Continue reading

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