Voice: ‘Speak up, child!’ – Voicing the Void

3rd day of the conference Voice – creature in transition:
‘Speak up, child!’ – Voicing The Void
Between Subjectivity and Subjection
curated by Ruth Noack
Linguistic hospitality.
Screening of Näkymätön Elina with voice-over translation by Natascha Noack.
Video essay by film researcher May Adadol Ingawanij about voice performance in Thai cinema during the Cold War era.
Screening of Emily by artist Danica Dakic followed by reading by Ruth Noack, interpreted by Lina Campanella.
A Life Full of Holes is Still Worth Living – slide lecture by Toronto based artist Luis Jacob using photographs by Helen Levitt and Ann Golzen.
Leaving your voice behind.
Discussion of art practice of Imogen Stidworthy.
Interventions by Yunjoo Kwak, Anna Daucikova and Simon Wachsmuth.
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