Voice: Must a song always be a song!

4th day of the conference Voice – creature in transition:
Must a song always be a song!
curated by New York based artist, writer, curator Mark Beasley
A short history of EVT and unique singing practices by Mark Beasley.
Screeching cats and police car sirens.
Stripsody – work by vocalist Cathy Berberian … performed by musician Gelsey Bell.
Evolution of death growl lectured by musician and artist Nicholas Bullen.
Cookie Monster…
Bathroom Songs (2009) performed by Gelsey Bell.
Spoken text work Hallo Welcome to Keith Street (2010) performed by Sue Tompkins.
Introduction to Extended Vocal Technique by Gelsey Bell.
Vocal improvisation and electronics, broken waves, sine waves, harsh noise.
Breach (2014) presented by Nicholas Bullen.
Gelsey Bell perform: Love Is A Good Examole (1995) by Robert Ashley.
Musician and composer Joan La Barbara perform:
Circular Song (1974) – ingressive/egressive vocalising
Solitary Journeys of the Mind (2009) – real-time composition
Windows (2013) – inspired by the works and dream fragments of sculptor Joseph Cornell and writings of Virginia Woolf
Composer Samuel Vriezen & the Grand Rietveld Choir