Monthly Archive: May, 2014

E: Offspring 2014

Offspring 2014 de Ateliers Amsterdam      

Inside outside – garbage day


WiP: Masks


WiP: Dialogue & a series of special moments

Dialogue & a series of special moments Still frames from video    

E: Kunstvlaai 2014 in Amstelpark

Exhibition, discussion, ideas   Kunstvlaai 2014 in Amsterlpark  Amsterdam 21.-25.5   Celebration of art(ist-run) initiatives    

O: hypnotic views

  Still frame from film Un Homme Qui Dort      

WiP: filming day of Dialogue

  Spending the whole day for setting up the 5th version of Dialogue was filmed by 4 cameras simultaneously. Broken glass and colorful water. The video version will follow    

WiP: monster series


Talk: visiting artist Mette Colberg

Quest artist Mette Colberg in Rietveld   She is making her own lenses for camera causing distortion and dream like views.        

E!: Superficial Hygiene – De Hallen in Haarlem

Video work of Ed Atkins and much more in:     Superficial Hygiene – International group show   in de Hallen Haarlem, Nederland  

WiP: studio view and monster factory


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