Monthly Archive: March, 2015

WiP: nothingness is the worst

Temple view

Tea collection

Ode for you

Red is the color of building


Sweet living

Nothingness is the worst


Bamboo and tea

Sunday afternoon: painting workshop in Xiamen

Thinking of colors and feelings, spring was the theme of the painting workshop. Though brainstorming brought in mind heath and brightness for many, the results were various. Thank you for all the participants,… Continue reading

Family dinner

Chinese artists

Discovering Chinese artists with help by Prof. Qin Jian of Xiamen University    

Moment shots V



Xiamen 20th floor

Beach company

E!: Drawing is finding things to see

Opening of the exhibition by Pieter Holstein in CEAC, Xiamen.    


WiP: folded moment

Sea food in Fujian kitchen

Moment shots IV

Cruising in Hangzhou

Lake of Hangzhou

Moment shots III

On the mountain of Huangshan

A perfect day on the top of Huangshan mountain though down in Tunxi it was cold and rainy. Hiking with many Chinese and Koreans. White rainbow. Where clouds are born.

Food lottery

Moment shots II

Moment shots I

Wandering Shanghai art

The 10th Shanghai Biennale is still on in the Power Station of Art. Also Moca and smaller galleries has something to offer. Several days needed.  

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