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In the arms of Silvia Federici

Rethinking and Restructuring Social Reproduction In Times of Racist Violence and Global Epidemics

Rainbow steps

… … …

Earthly survival

Georgia O’Keeffe


art museum into prison

Prison Architecture – film by Cao Fei, 2018

Isadora said that dance doesn’t belong to anyone

Isadora’s Children, 2019

Paintings from the previous ones

On a way to Salvatierra


Beach company

wip: continuing edition of Persuasion

    I had a feeling that it is time to go on with Persuasion project.   The video was filmed yesterday in a big hall with crazy long echo in Lbb in… Continue reading

E!: t.a.l.k. by Imogen Stidworthy

The last t.a.l.k of Paraphrasing Babel was given by a British artist Imogen Stidworthy in ABKM.   Her soundscape installation can be seen in Maastricht in Landbouwbelang until the closing of Paraphrasing Babel… Continue reading

nascent seed

nascent seed.

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