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E: Amsterdam Drawing 2015


WiP: I’m in – blue

WiP: I’m in – a cage

WiP: I’m in – a cake

WiP: I’m in – surrounded by a wall

WiP: drawing

WiP: drawing

WiP: drawing

E!: Wondering shapes in Nothing

E: Fine Gestures – article

See the whole article here.  

WiP: drawing

WiP: drawing

E!: Fine Gestures in Nothing gallery

E!: Fine gestures – Laura Puska in Nothing Gallery

  Fine Gestures 微妙微肖 Laura Puska 劳拉·普斯卡 Nothing Gallery 无画廊 Xiamen, China   Opening 开幕  the 11th of April

WiP: recorded moments

WiP: Gestures

WiP: display of moments

WiP: story boards

Nothingness is the worst

E!: Drawing is finding things to see

Opening of the exhibition by Pieter Holstein in CEAC, Xiamen.    

WiP: folded moment

WiP: Making visible

Still frames from video    

WiP: Making visible


WiP: Made myself visible



Ocean base view the end of the year in Vetterstraat, Amsterdam  

Made on a tablecloth, with a strawberry line

Still frames from video work Made on a tablecloth, with a strawberry line   The video can be seen in vimeo.

WiP: masks and portraits – studio view


WiP: Masked ones

Series of masked portraits  

Workshop with Janecky II

2 day workshop with glass sculptor Martin Janecky goes on. As a side task there was a little black drawing book going around collecting words, thoughts, views of the participants of the workshop.… Continue reading

WiP: Masks


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