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E: Dynamism of the dream by Atousa Bandeh

Opening by Atousa Bandeh Dynamism of the dream   in Lumen Travo Amsterdam, NL                  

WiP: thoughtful orange woman

WiP: rest of a red woman

WiP: portrait work

WiP: Reflections on caring and carrying


E!: Glass & art, glass art & art glass

The glass department of Rietveld Academy and students from Sandberg Institut together with the teachers and students from the School of Decorative Arts in Prague drove to Leerdam to visit the National Glasmuseum as well as… Continue reading

E!: Escher meets islamic art

Escher meets islamic art in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam   Famous Dutch graphic designer M. C. Escher drew his inspiration from islamic art he saw in Granada. He used years to observe complicated… Continue reading

E!: Opening in Decorfabriek

One year of studies is over and done in ABKM!   Tonight one more opening. The results of the drawing workshop, and various other works in Decorfabriek at 7.    

Drawing workshop: Line project III

Line project is continuing. Check out the video in my vimeo!  

Drawing project: Peeking in

The drawing workshop is still going on in Decorfabriek. Also I’m trying to divide time to finish all the writing works. Pff. Almost done with the year!  

Drawing workshop: Line project II

Line sketches with ink and with ink and bleach.    

Drawing workshop: Fire line II


Drawing workshop: Marking me


Drawing workshop: Line project I

  More of the project, will be here soon!  

Drawing workshop: Fire line I


WIP: Starting of drawing workshop in Decorfabriek

For the end of the semester students of ABKM are moving to work in Decorfabriek. Introduction for 3 weeks drawing workshop got a boost by a talk of artist Antoine Berghs.

Relaxing drawing evening

Brave men, brave women

Downtown Thursday

Thursday in town

  Spent my day with Sif Ægisdóttir in her jewellery studio húnoghún in the center of Reykjavik before life drawing hours of the evening. Thursday can’t get much better, can it!    

Puh pah Thursday


Change is good

Going somewhere is good. Falling for something is good.   Leaving is good.  

A new girl

Our lovely new model of thursday evening.

Trip to Reykjavik to draw

Jihuu, figure drawing group has started again! Tricky poses by David.   And yes, I did go and vote for the President of Finland on my way to drawing.

A fox lady of the thursday night

Amazing drawing class

Such an interesting drawing class with two (and half) models! Made my week.

Zoo visit in Barcelona

A nice sunny day in Barcelona for a zoo visit with Piotr Perski.

Portrait training

Pencil drawings, autumn 2010

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