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E: Fine Gestures – article

See the whole article here.  

E!: Fine Gestures in Nothing gallery

E!: Fine gestures – Laura Puska in Nothing Gallery

  Fine Gestures 微妙微肖 Laura Puska 劳拉·普斯卡 Nothing Gallery 无画廊 Xiamen, China   Opening 开幕  the 11th of April

E!: opening – The driver is a woman


E!: Drawing is finding things to see

Opening of the exhibition by Pieter Holstein in CEAC, Xiamen.    

Wandering Shanghai art

The 10th Shanghai Biennale is still on in the Power Station of Art. Also Moca and smaller galleries has something to offer. Several days needed.  



WiP: working in Ocean base

  Working in Ocean base with Quentin Dupuy    

WiP: Space between – getting ready

Getting ready for the assessments  

E: I am a mountain

I AM A MOUNTAIN Katrin Korfmann & Jens Pfeifer in Lumen Travo    

E: exhibition tours in Copenhagen


E: Laura Lima in Maastricht

BACA award to Brazilian artist Laura Lima


Ocean base view the end of the year in Vetterstraat, Amsterdam  

E: I’m just a dream – opening by Sven Kroner

  I’m just a dream – Sven Kroner in Galerie Fons Welters Amsterdam  

E: Offspring 2014

Offspring 2014 de Ateliers Amsterdam      

E: Kunstvlaai 2014 in Amstelpark

Exhibition, discussion, ideas   Kunstvlaai 2014 in Amsterlpark  Amsterdam 21.-25.5   Celebration of art(ist-run) initiatives    

E!: Superficial Hygiene – De Hallen in Haarlem

Video work of Ed Atkins and much more in:     Superficial Hygiene – International group show   in de Hallen Haarlem, Nederland  

E!: Lily en Maria – opening

Best Mooi Lily en Maria   Opening in the Galerie Fons Welters by Maria Roosen & Lily van der Stokker    

E!: Exhibiting the Studio II

Two day event in the Galerie Fons Welters go on with following guests:   Nanne de Ru Maria Hlavajova Knalpot Hans Aarsman Knalpot (concert)   Compared to the first day with visual artists… Continue reading

E: Brancusi & crime as art

                        Day in Rotterdam:   Rosso, Brancusi & Man Ray  in Museum Boijmans   &   The Crime Was Almost Perfect in… Continue reading

E!: Opening of Uncut in de Brakke Grond

Opening of the exhibition by Rietveld students Uncut in de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam.   The interactive sound installation by the glass department was introduced with a short performance by the students.   More… Continue reading

Setting up Uncut II

  Photos by Nina Glockner    

Setting up glass and voice

Exhibition of Rietveld students Uncut  opens on Wednesday in de Brakke Grond  and the conference of studium generales kicks off right after under the theme of voice – creature of transition.   Setting… Continue reading

E!: Constant companion – opening in the Oude Kerk


E: Dynamism of the dream by Atousa Bandeh

Opening by Atousa Bandeh Dynamism of the dream   in Lumen Travo Amsterdam, NL                  

WiP: Building Office – documentation online

Finally, the documentation film of Building Office can be seen in my vimeo.     Building Office, a group project of students from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Sanberg Instituut took place… Continue reading

DIY-week: Last day of the building office

  The next and last step of the Building office -performance As information has been transformed into new informative building material and constructions during this week, today we are facing a closing of… Continue reading

DIY-week: Never ending construction

  Happening in the Building office: The hall of the Rietveld building is filling up with constructions of bricks, hand-folded paper bricks made out of posters illustrating the new Rietveld building. Piles of… Continue reading

DIY-week: Never ending raw material

  Information keeps transforming into informative raw material and Never ending construction -performance goes on in the entrance hall of the Rietveld building.   Our paper brick building office is open during office… Continue reading

DIY-week: Building Office

  Never ending construction As part of DIY-week (Do It Yourself-) students of glass and ceramic departments of the Rietveld Academie and Material Utopias of the Sandberg Instituut worked together under a theme of… Continue reading

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