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WiP: Composition for two women and fire

  Composition for two women and fire is a collaboration of Crystal Gregory and laura Puska. 4 hours long performance installation took place in the hotshop of the glass department in the Gerrit… Continue reading

Performance at the Rietveld

    White dress, water colored with red beets, carrots and onions, blown glass, living participant     Performance by laura Puska On the 31st of October From 9am to 8pm At the Gerrit… Continue reading

E!: Glass & art, glass art & art glass

The glass department of Rietveld Academy and students from Sandberg Institut together with the teachers and students from the School of Decorative Arts in Prague drove to Leerdam to visit the National Glasmuseum as well as… Continue reading

E!: Escher meets islamic art

Escher meets islamic art in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam   Famous Dutch graphic designer M. C. Escher drew his inspiration from islamic art he saw in Granada. He used years to observe complicated… Continue reading

E!: Navid Nuur – Lube love

                      The solo exhibition by Navid Nuur is up in Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht, NL. With graphic design background Iranian born, the Hague based… Continue reading

E!: Sanberg series – performance by michaek portnoy & ieva miseviciute

A performance by Michaek Portnoy & Ieva Miseviciute in Goethe Institut as a part of Sandberg series.                      

E!: Framer Framed – Speaking From the Heart

Framer Framed   Speaking From the Heart – The Polemic Sensibility from Iran   from 27th of September on In Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam  

E!: The Sandberg series: performance by Michael Portnoy & Ieva Misevičiūtė

Experimental performance by Michael Portnoy and Ieva Misevičiūtė in the Goethe Institut at 7.30pm.    More about the artists transparence here.                        

E!: Venice Biennale – Arsenale

  The area of Arsenale is beautiful, and huge! A lot of interesting art to be seen. I enjoyed the video work by French-Moroccan artist Bouchra Khalili in the far end of the… Continue reading

E!: Mark Quinn – retrospective exhibition

    Mark Quinn  in Venice until 29th of September                 

O!: Day in Murano

  Long but interesting day in the glass island of Murano.   We visited Adriano Berengo‘s studio, and one of the three locations of Glass Stress exhibition. Tony Oursler is one of the artist… Continue reading

E!: Venice Biennale – Giardini

I spent the whole day in Giardini area of Venice Biennale 2013. I started my tour from the Danish Pavilion which turned out the be one of my favorites presenting video/multimedia installation by… Continue reading

E!: Tekijän Oikeudella

Tekijän Oikeudella Halli 25 (Telakkakatu 6) Helsinki   A group of Finnish visual artists speak out about fairness of copyright laws in Finland.    

E!: ZU – paintings

ZU  – paintings by Tuukka Tammisaari in Jangva Galleria, Helsinki  

E!: Niemandsland in B32 & Hedah

Niemandsland   Openings tonight B32 at 7 pm & Hedah at 8 pm     Maastricht, NL        

E!: Opening in Decorfabriek

One year of studies is over and done in ABKM!   Tonight one more opening. The results of the drawing workshop, and various other works in Decorfabriek at 7.    

E!: Opening of the exhibition in Decorfabriek in Maastricht

  The video performance Obsession of trust by laura Puska is a part of the exhibition opening today on the 14th at 7pm in Decorfabriek in Maastricht.   The exhibition with ceramic works… Continue reading

E!: 2x Tilburg – Slow burn & Kunspodium T in De Pont

SLOW BURN – AN INDEX OF POSSIBILITIES SPOORZONE 013 – 06.04 – 23.06.2013     Kunstpodium T 5 years Pupil/Master project 8 June – 22 September 2013 The exhibition of Kunstpodium T in… Continue reading

E!: Audio art in Intro in situ

  During the week students of ABKM have been taken part to an audio workshop run by audio artist Paul Devens in Intro in situ, a workshop and production house for contemporary music… Continue reading

E!: Kling&Bang gallery in Reykjavik

Clive Murphy NEO PROTO DEMO 18th of May – 23rd of June 2013   Kling & Bang Gallery Reykjavik, Iceland  

E!: Installation art in the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

Opera for a small room and other installations:   Lost in the Memory Palace: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller April 6 – August 18, 2013 in AGO, Toronto, Canada

WiP: Fegur∂

Toronto based artist Tosca Teran is working hard for putting everything together for a collaboration following in few weeks.  The soundscape, collaboration of Andrei Gravelle and Tosca Teran, can be listened in here.… Continue reading

E!: Mike Kelley in Pompidou

Mike Kelley in Le Centre Pompidou until August 2013.

E!: The Macabre Treasury by Mark Dion

The exhibition by installation artist Mark Dion in the Museum Het Domein in Sittard.

E!: Light bar – Fabrice Hermans

Opening of Light Bar by Fabrice Hermans in Gallery Stevens in Maastricht

E!: Mike Kelley in Stedelijk

There’s a celebration of the carnival this week going on in Limburg area, and I’m escaping the craze to Den Haag and to Amsterdam.   The exhibition of Mike Kelley in Stedelijk Museum… Continue reading

E!: hyperrealisme vs. postmodernism

Jeff Koons vs. John de Andrea   both can be seen in Ludwig Forum in Aachen, Germany.   Plus you can send postcards because you are already an hour away from Maastricht and… Continue reading

In the other end of the Tunnel of Hope

    On a way home from our visit the Tunnel Museum just outside of Sarajevo. The Tunnel of Hope was built during the Siege of Sarajevo during Bosnian War 1992-1995.    

A piece of history in Sarajevo

In the 11/07/95 Gallery, black and white photographs with two interactive stations with detailed videos and audio depicting the events of July 1995 are exhibited for a memory of the genocide of Srebrenica.… Continue reading

E!: Audioscoop – Intro In situ

Audio art in Maastricht   Two very different type of audio work were shown in Intro in situ. Mike Kamer’s  DNA and Marc ALberto’s Deler(s)

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