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Space between II

WiP: transparent persuasion

Still frames from video sketch  

Preparing Persuasion



WiP: Space between and a side of me

  Still frames from video    

WiP: Space between – getting ready

Getting ready for the assessments  

Talk: Esther Jiskoot

Artist talk by Esther Jiskoot in Rietveld    

WiP: Space between


WiP: Space between – in the hotshop

  First trials are done. Now we try to blow into a more concrete mould with help by glass blower Erno Takala.  

WiP: Mould making – masks


E: I am a mountain

I AM A MOUNTAIN Katrin Korfmann & Jens Pfeifer in Lumen Travo    

WiP: Glasscapes


Persuade – leftover glasses

Workshop in Bornholm


Workshop in Bornholm – mimicking mimicry

Mimicking – trying to understand Looking into a process of making Material as a mimicker  Mimicking gravity Making invisible visible …  

Workshop in Bornholm – visit to the net maker

  The short workshop about mimicry started with a visit to the fishing net maker Klaus. The industrial hall was filled with chaotic order, or maybe controlled chaos…  

Workshop in Bornholm

The glass department of the Rietveld Academie travelled to the island of Bornholm in Denmark to collaborate with the glass department of KADK.  

Persuade – leftovers

Persuasion – repeat

Persuasion – repeat

WiP: masks and portraits – studio view


WiP: persuasion – collection of broken glass


Workshop with Janecky II

2 day workshop with glass sculptor Martin Janecky goes on. As a side task there was a little black drawing book going around collecting words, thoughts, views of the participants of the workshop.… Continue reading

Workshop by Martin Janecky

    2 day workshop by glass sculptor Martin Janecky in the Glass department of the Rietveld Academie    

Talk: visiting artist Mette Colberg

Quest artist Mette Colberg in Rietveld   She is making her own lenses for camera causing distortion and dream like views.        

WiP: Trapping time

The table cloth recorded the whole encounter during performing of Persuasion for two video work. I trapped the moment tighter and stitched pieces of broken glass on.    

E!: Opening of Uncut in de Brakke Grond

Opening of the exhibition by Rietveld students Uncut in de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam.   The interactive sound installation by the glass department was introduced with a short performance by the students.   More… Continue reading

Setting up Uncut II

  Photos by Nina Glockner    

Setting up glass and voice

Exhibition of Rietveld students Uncut  opens on Wednesday in de Brakke Grond  and the conference of studium generales kicks off right after under the theme of voice – creature of transition.   Setting… Continue reading

WiP: Persuasion for 2 III

Persuasion for 2 Still frame from video.    

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