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E: opening of Not Now in Nothing gallery

Not Now by Laura Puska in Nothing gallery Xiamen, Fujian, China  

E!: Lovely hole – KTV project by Roland Lauth

Lovely hole – Outsourcing aftermath KTV project by Roland Lauth Performance and workshop taking place in former KTV (karaoke tv) space in the center of Xiamen.

E!: Unlocked – Roland Lauth in CEAC

E!: Fine Gestures in Nothing gallery

E!: Fine gestures – Laura Puska in Nothing Gallery

  Fine Gestures 微妙微肖 Laura Puska 劳拉·普斯卡 Nothing Gallery 无画廊 Xiamen, China   Opening 开幕  the 11th of April

WiP: Too long questions

Video installation with Too long questions  



Persuasion – repeat

E: Laura Lima in Maastricht

BACA award to Brazilian artist Laura Lima


Ocean base view the end of the year in Vetterstraat, Amsterdam  

Dialogue & a series of special moments

  Trailer of video installation Dialogue and a series of special moments can be found in vimeo. The full version will follow.    

WiP: persuasion – collection of broken glass


WiP: Dialogue & a series of special moments

Dialogue & a series of special moments Still frames from video    

WiP: Tablecloth drawing and monsters

Suddenly I notice that my studio is turning pink. Portraits: tablecloth drawing as a result of observing video and a series of standing monsters    

Talk: Ed Atkins in de Ateliers

Lecture by Ed Atkins in de Ateliers, Amsterdam              

WiP: Dialogue for two

After a series of video trials of Dialogue, I decided to bring together all the leftovers from previous versions and sketch a scene for the next one.  Here in a view on the… Continue reading

WiP: Leftovers of the special moment

Dried table clothe in the studio with all the broken glass is leftover from video work Persuasion for two.    

WiP: Trapping time

The table cloth recorded the whole encounter during performing of Persuasion for two video work. I trapped the moment tighter and stitched pieces of broken glass on.    

WiP: Living still life


E!: Opening of Uncut in de Brakke Grond

Opening of the exhibition by Rietveld students Uncut in de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam.   The interactive sound installation by the glass department was introduced with a short performance by the students.   More… Continue reading

Setting up Uncut II

  Photos by Nina Glockner    

Setting up glass and voice

Exhibition of Rietveld students Uncut  opens on Wednesday in de Brakke Grond  and the conference of studium generales kicks off right after under the theme of voice – creature of transition.   Setting… Continue reading

WiP: Persuasion for 2 III

Persuasion for 2 Still frame from video.    

WiP: Red persuasion and empty faces

I’m back home! In the studio red empty faces were waiting for me.    

WiP: Red

Still frames from video  

WiP: Red persuasion in progress


WiP: Playground


WiP: Red persuasion

WiP: Persuasion for 2 – edition 2

Still frames from video    

WiP: rolling balls flow

  I love blowing glass balls, filling them with colored water, and rolling them and making them flow    

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