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WiP: newspaper into structure – painting

Fragile surface of newspaper is hiding under a layer of paint.

WiP: Persuasion 2

      A development of the installation. Paint and chaos with painted water and glass objects.      

WiP: paint & newspaper


WiP: landscapes

WiP: Persuasion – painting water

  New work in process. Combining glass objects and painted water. Playing with rhythm, colors and sweet words.  

WiP: Green chair of Tuesday

WiP: Back to the school bench

Holidays are over, like the amazing trip to Balkans. Time to get back to work!  

WiP: Color research nr.3

I seem to go on with the same blue … tuesdays

WiP: Painting Tuesday

Tuesday was full of prussian blue    

WiP: Painting with colors – start of a new block

  Done with black and white, we continue observing with colors.

O!: work of Ton Boelhouwer

Our paintings teacher, in ABKM, Ton Boelhouwer told us about his work.

WiP: back to corner painting

WiP: Sketch & paint

WiP: Tuesday sketch

Euroopan sairas mies

Tuukka Tammisaari’s paintings   Euroopan sairas mies 9.5 – 27.5.2012 in tm gallery in Helsinki

Reykjavik Winter Lights

I thought it was time to come out of the forest and head to town to enjoy Reykjavik Winter Festival 2012 and Museum Night. Lots of people on the streets and many things… Continue reading

Painting a human body

For a long long time I painted. These tests with acrylics is made in Metafora with Piotr Perski.

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