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E: I am a mountain

I AM A MOUNTAIN Katrin Korfmann & Jens Pfeifer in Lumen Travo    


Ocean base view the end of the year in Vetterstraat, Amsterdam  

Baking hysteria

Still frames from video Baking hysteria   The video can be seen in vimeo.    

WiP: persuasion – collection of broken glass


Workshop by Martin Janecky

    2 day workshop by glass sculptor Martin Janecky in the Glass department of the Rietveld Academie    

WiP: Leftovers of the special moment

Dried table clothe in the studio with all the broken glass is leftover from video work Persuasion for two.    

WiP: Trapping time

The table cloth recorded the whole encounter during performing of Persuasion for two video work. I trapped the moment tighter and stitched pieces of broken glass on.    

WiP: Living still life


WiP: Red persuasion in progress


WiP: Playground


WiP: rolling balls flow

  I love blowing glass balls, filling them with colored water, and rolling them and making them flow    

O!: demonstration by Martin Janecky

Hot sculpted glass and detailed expressions   Demonstration by Martin Janecky in the GlassDept. of Rietveld  

Talk: Artist talk by Tilmann Meyer-Faje

Related to the DIY-week (Do it yourself-) in the Rietveld Academie Amsterdam based artist Tilmann Meyer-Faje gave a talk about his work and about collapsing structures. Working with wet, unfired clay he is… Continue reading

E!: Mark Quinn – retrospective exhibition

    Mark Quinn  in Venice until 29th of September                 

E!: 2x Tilburg – Slow burn & Kunspodium T in De Pont

SLOW BURN – AN INDEX OF POSSIBILITIES SPOORZONE 013 – 06.04 – 23.06.2013     Kunstpodium T 5 years Pupil/Master project 8 June – 22 September 2013 The exhibition of Kunstpodium T in… Continue reading

WiP: hand in hand – trust and hope


O!: Lecture of Karin Arink

I was happy to attend on a lecture of Karin Arink in The Gerrit Rietveld Academy. She is working with different materials, often using a shape of body as a tool and as… Continue reading

WiP: kettle glove – out of mould!

Finally the plaster mould was dry and I got to test how it comes out when pouring liquid clay inside.  

E!: hyperrealisme vs. postmodernism

Jeff Koons vs. John de Andrea   both can be seen in Ludwig Forum in Aachen, Germany.   Plus you can send postcards because you are already an hour away from Maastricht and… Continue reading

WiP: fired empty nest

While my plaster mould is drying, I’m going back to some old work. Finally the other half of the empty house is being fired. Thinking of glazing, colors and presentation.  

WiP: Second half of the plaster mould

The second half of my kettle glove mould was made plaster catching all the little details of textile.   The mould will be dried in a drying cabinet for the next two weeks.

O!: Continuing the Cremaster cycle

The film by Matthew Barney is shown in ABKM.  

O!: The Cremaster cycle

A screening of the Cremaster cycle by Matthew Barney in ABKM.   Also our teacher Paul Devens gave us a talk about his work.  

WiP: experimental mess

It looks like a violent mess but no, it’s only my glazing experimentation of the day!

WiP: hanging paper beads

Still many beads to be rolled but at least now it’s hanging in my studio!

WiP: netting

WiP: Clay play

WiP: Plaster nr2

WiP: Negative & positive

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