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Talk: Historical Materialism Symposium

Historical Materialism Symposium 30 Sep 2015 Teylers Museum Haarlem NL with David Bernstein, Clare Butcher, Jasper Coppes, Noa Giniger, Emilio Moreno, Martine Neddam, Michelle Son…  

talk: ZERO now


talk: The Radicality of Love by Srecko Horvat

The Radicality of Love by Srecko Horvat Rijksakademie

talk: Video theory by Helen Westgeest

Video Art Theory: A Comparative Approach by Helen Westgeest Stedelijk

E: screening of moments – The Possibility of an Island

Screening of moments from the exhibition The Possibility of an Island in Bacon Multi-media Center (BMC) More photos here

Self-bakers workshop – article

See the whole article here. The Self-bakers workshop by Laura Puska took place in C-Platform in Xiamen. It is a part of the Zhou Art Project.  

Workshop: Self-bakers – between a dough and a mirror

The Self-bakers workshop and an artist talk by Laura Puska was organized in C-Platform in Xiamen. The event is a part of the Zhou Art Project and the exhibition The Possibility of an… Continue reading

WiP: Self-bakers – preparing the workshop in C-Platform

Testing how a Finnish bun dough works in China and preparing for the workshop taking place in C-Platform in a week. Using traditional Finnish pastry, the lady bun tests (mermaid, angry lady & old woman) turned… Continue reading

Talk: Kim Waldron in C-Platform

Talk: Esther Jiskoot

Artist talk by Esther Jiskoot in Rietveld    

Talk: Thomas Rentmeister

 Artist talk in Rietveld by Thomas Rentmeister    

Workshop in Bornholm – talk by Mia Lerssi

As an evening entertainment, talk by Danish artist Mia Lerssi who is currently living in Bornholm.    

E: Kunstvlaai 2014 in Amstelpark

Exhibition, discussion, ideas   Kunstvlaai 2014 in Amsterlpark  Amsterdam 21.-25.5   Celebration of art(ist-run) initiatives    

Talk: visiting artist Mette Colberg

Quest artist Mette Colberg in Rietveld   She is making her own lenses for camera causing distortion and dream like views.        

E!: Exhibiting the Studio I

Two days event in the Galerie Fons Welters Exhibition the Studio organized by artist Berend Strik and curator Juha van ’t Zelfde   Talk about contemporary working spaces by visual artists:   Intro by Rosa Juno… Continue reading

Talk: Ed Atkins in de Ateliers

Lecture by Ed Atkins in de Ateliers, Amsterdam              

Talk: about censorship & art by Lidwien van de Ven

About censorship in western countries through her own art practice by Lidwien van de Ven in de Ateliers                

Talk: Raed Yassin in de Ateliers

Artist lecture by Raed Yassin in de Ateliers                          

Voice: Must a song always be a song!

  4th day of the conference Voice – creature in transition: Must a song always be a song! curated by New York based artist, writer, curator Mark Beasley   A short history of EVT… Continue reading

Voice: ‘Speak up, child!’ – Voicing the Void

  3rd day of the conference Voice – creature in transition: ‘Speak up, child!’ – Voicing The Void Between Subjectivity and Subjection curated by Ruth Noack   Linguistic hospitality. Screening of Näkymätön Elina with voice-over translation… Continue reading

Voice: Resonance and Transmission – from one voice to another

  2nd day of the conference Voice – creature in transition: Resonance and Transmission: from one voice to another curated by If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution  … Continue reading

Voice: The Right To Silence

  Summary of the 1st day of the conference Voice – creature in transition: The Right To Silence curated by London based artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan   Experimental lecture performance by choreographer Ali Kaviani.… Continue reading

Talk: Martin Herbert in de Ateliers

Lecture series of de Ateliers continued with English writer and critic Martin Herbert. Introducing his freshly published collection essays ‘The Uncertainty Principle’ he talks about subjectivity and seen.          … Continue reading

Talk: Artist lecture by Hassan Khan

As the first one of the spring lecture series in de Ateliers   by artist Hassan Khan                        

talk: lecture by Arnout Visser

Lecture by Arnout Visser in the GlassDept. in Rietveld                        

Talk: about artists’ publications by David Senior

Interesting talk about artists’ publications and their relevance during times of digital revolution! by bibliographer at the MOMA library NY David Senior   in Rietveld’s library at 5pm          … Continue reading

Talk: Tobias Madison in De Ateliers

Last but not least, in the lecture series of De Ateliers Swiss artist Tobias Madison gave a lecture about his collaborations, his own work and his cooperative projects.    

Talk: artist lecture by Sachi Miyachi

Second artist giving lecture about her work and about Never ending structures was Amsterdam based Japanese artist Sachi Miyachi. This small but persistent woman is building architectural wooden structures. These, sometimes huge, structures… Continue reading

Talk: Artist talk by Tilmann Meyer-Faje

Related to the DIY-week (Do it yourself-) in the Rietveld Academie Amsterdam based artist Tilmann Meyer-Faje gave a talk about his work and about collapsing structures. Working with wet, unfired clay he is… Continue reading

Talk: Lecture by Rony Plesl

This week we are having visitors from the School of Decorative Arts in Prague. The head of their glass department, designer and artist Rony Plesl gave a lecture about his work in the Rietveld… Continue reading

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