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WiP: studio view


WiP: Grandfather’s hands


WiP: Pate de verre


WiP: 3rd encounter – in front & behind

Still frames from video  

WiP: 3rd encounter – from outside

Still frames from video  

WiP: 3rd encounter – in shadows

Still frames from video  

WiP: 3rd encounter – with a shadow

Still frames from video  

WiP: second encounter

Still frames from video  

WiP: appearance

Still frames from a video sketch  

Preparing the exhibition

Preparing the space in the Shapowei Art Zone for the Zhou Art Project. The exhibition The Possibility of an Island will open on the 13th of June in Xiamen, Fujian, China.    

WiP: Self-bakers – preparing the workshop in C-Platform

Testing how a Finnish bun dough works in China and preparing for the workshop taking place in C-Platform in a week. Using traditional Finnish pastry, the lady bun tests (mermaid, angry lady & old woman) turned… Continue reading

WiP: Nice to know you


WiP: Now now

‘Today I felt so frustrated that I left my house and run to the beach. When I reached the beach packed with tourists, I stopped because I did not want to look pathetic.… Continue reading

WiP: Meeting shapes

Still frames from video  

WiP: sense of shapes

WiP: display of moments

WiP: Too long questions

Video installation with Too long questions  

WiP: story boards

WiP: nothingness is the worst

Moment shots V

WiP: folded moment

Moment shots IV

Moment shots III

WiP: space between

Space between II

WiP: Space between I


Preparing Persuasion

WiP: space between


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