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WiP: saints and chairs


WiP: working in Ocean base

  Working in Ocean base with Quentin Dupuy    

WiP: Space between – getting ready

Getting ready for the assessments  

WiP: Space between


WiP: Space between – in the hotshop

  First trials are done. Now we try to blow into a more concrete mould with help by glass blower Erno Takala.  

WiP: Making visible


WiP: Mould making – masks


WiP: Mask making


WiP: Making visible

Still frames from video sketch  

WiP: Glasious


WiP: Made myself visible


WiP: Glasscapes


Persuade – leftover glasses

Flow of me – silhouette

Workshop in Bornholm – mimicking mimicry

Mimicking – trying to understand Looking into a process of making Material as a mimicker  Mimicking gravity Making invisible visible …  

Persuade – leftovers

Persuasion – repeat

Flow of me – animal shadow

Persuasion – repeat

Flow of me – into animal

WiP: masks and portraits – studio view


WiP: 10 seconds of me


WiP: standing shadow


WiP: persuasion – collection of broken glass


WiP: Masked ones

Series of masked portraits  

WiP: what are these -wall


WiP: Masks


WiP: Dialogue & a series of special moments

Dialogue & a series of special moments Still frames from video    

WiP: filming day of Dialogue

  Spending the whole day for setting up the 5th version of Dialogue was filmed by 4 cameras simultaneously. Broken glass and colorful water. The video version will follow    

WiP: monster series


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