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Hautumo Raumautuu

  The incubator program of performance art is kicking off at Rauma, in the west of Finland. Our first Hautumo home is in the art residency of Raumars, located in the beautiful old… Continue reading

Hautumo is starting . . .

  The incubator program of performance art is starting in West of Finland, and I will be there as well! Read the whole article here

Talk: Jerome Harrington

Talk & workshop by Jerome Harrington in the Gerrit Rietveld Academie     “…glass is transparent, you can see everything, so what happens has to be magic…”    

WiP: glove experiment with glass dough


WiP: Pate de verre


Workshop with Netta Bacon

Pâte de verre – workshop with Netta Bacon Glass dep. Rietveld Academie NL  

Talk: Historical Materialism Symposium

Historical Materialism Symposium 30 Sep 2015 Teylers Museum Haarlem NL with David Bernstein, Clare Butcher, Jasper Coppes, Noa Giniger, Emilio Moreno, Martine Neddam, Michelle Son…  

Self-bakers workshop – article

See the whole article here. The Self-bakers workshop by Laura Puska took place in C-Platform in Xiamen. It is a part of the Zhou Art Project.  

Self-bakers – collected moments

  Photos collected from the participants of the workshop Self-bakers organized in C-Platform in Xiamen, China as a part of the Zhou Art Project and the exhibition The Possibility of an Island taking… Continue reading

Self-bakers workshop – article

See the whole article here. The Self-bakers workshop by Laura Puska took place in C-Platform in Xiamen. It is a part of the Zhou Art Project.

Workshop: Self-bakers – between a dough and a mirror

The Self-bakers workshop and an artist talk by Laura Puska was organized in C-Platform in Xiamen. The event is a part of the Zhou Art Project and the exhibition The Possibility of an… Continue reading

Workshop coming up: Self-bakers – between a dough & a mirror

  Self-bakers – between a dough and a mirror Workshop by Laura Puska On the 31st of May In C-Platform, Xiamen, China

E!: Lovely hole – KTV project by Roland Lauth

Lovely hole – Outsourcing aftermath KTV project by Roland Lauth Performance and workshop taking place in former KTV (karaoke tv) space in the center of Xiamen.

WiP: Self-bakers – preparing the workshop in C-Platform

Testing how a Finnish bun dough works in China and preparing for the workshop taking place in C-Platform in a week. Using traditional Finnish pastry, the lady bun tests (mermaid, angry lady & old woman) turned… Continue reading

Sunday afternoon: painting workshop in Xiamen

Thinking of colors and feelings, spring was the theme of the painting workshop. Though brainstorming brought in mind heath and brightness for many, the results were various. Thank you for all the participants,… Continue reading

Moment shots II

Workshop in Bornholm


Workshop in Bornholm – mimicking process

Mimicking process is the outcome of the mimicry workshop attended by the students of Rietveld Academie and the glass department of KADK taking place in the island of Bornholm in Denmark. We collected and… Continue reading

Workshop in Bornholm – copying, printing, mimicking floor

Workshop in Bornholm – mimicking mimicry

Mimicking – trying to understand Looking into a process of making Material as a mimicker  Mimicking gravity Making invisible visible …  

Workshop in Bornholm – visit to the net maker

  The short workshop about mimicry started with a visit to the fishing net maker Klaus. The industrial hall was filled with chaotic order, or maybe controlled chaos…  

Workshop in Bornholm

The glass department of the Rietveld Academie travelled to the island of Bornholm in Denmark to collaborate with the glass department of KADK.  

Flow of me – shadow

Workshop with Janecky II

2 day workshop with glass sculptor Martin Janecky goes on. As a side task there was a little black drawing book going around collecting words, thoughts, views of the participants of the workshop.… Continue reading

Workshop by Martin Janecky

    2 day workshop by glass sculptor Martin Janecky in the Glass department of the Rietveld Academie    

E: Kunstvlaai 2014 in Amstelpark

Exhibition, discussion, ideas   Kunstvlaai 2014 in Amsterlpark  Amsterdam 21.-25.5   Celebration of art(ist-run) initiatives    

O!: Plastic workshop

    Molds and castings, Foam, stone-like, metal powder combined with resins and rubbers.   Fun workshop with Anthony Sgard in the Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.   Look for materials from FormX.    

E!: Exhibiting the Studio I

Two days event in the Galerie Fons Welters Exhibition the Studio organized by artist Berend Strik and curator Juha van ’t Zelfde   Talk about contemporary working spaces by visual artists:   Intro by Rosa Juno… Continue reading

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