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Paintings from the previous ones

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Found composition

Sun setting

Elephant tree

Your garden, my garden

Beach pattern

Green parrots concert


Toes towards Catalunya

Welcome home


Found composition 

Found colors 

All kind of books there are

The sun

Composition of corridor

WiP: watch nd walk


Morning mist

Walk in a corn field

Do you remember the island? – GAAC Glass Couture

It’s been almost 4 months that I left Iceland behind. My black beach, volcanos and icebergs are still in my mind. Nature of the amazing island is giving some inspiration also for a glass… Continue reading

A change of the wind

 Only 9 Celsius degrees outside when I woke up before 6am this morning. There’s been a change in the wind. The summer is almost over, and in two weeks I’m leaving Finland behind… Continue reading

A piece of a glass jungle

These new kind of glass tubes by Chihuly are one of things that came out of 10 days of working in Nuutajärvi.

Rhythm of July

The endless day

of Finnish midsummer  

Roaming in the forests

Kokoo koko kokko

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