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Leaving Mitrovica behind

One more view of the city of Mitrovica. From far away the city looks like one and united. No dividing river nor blocking sand piles. Far in the north you can see a… Continue reading

Morning in Mitrovica


Finishing in Zevecan

  2 weeks of workshops are over! The last day I spent in the north side of Mitrovica. Paper bead earrings and pendants were finished in a hairdresser salon in Serbian village Zevecan,… Continue reading

3rd and last session of paper bead rolling in Skroma

Last time in the mountain village of Skroma. People of the village have been without electricity for a week but still paper was rolled well. Everyone made a beautiful pendant!  

Visiting North Mitrovica

  Today we headed to the north side of Mitrovica, to the village of Zevecan. Kosovo flags changed to Serbian ones, and we jumped in to another vehicle with Serbian license plate to… Continue reading

2nd day with mixed group of paper bead making

  Second and last day with mixed group of Mitrovica women. Many had done amazing extra work at home. Also today they were so fast that we had time to finish a bracelet… Continue reading

Smile – photographing with youth group

  Smile and shoot! 2nd time with youth group and with cameras. From Mundesia’s office we headed on the streets of Mitrovica. In some point students noticed my camera standing on a tripod… Continue reading

Visiting Skroma for 2nd time

  Second day in Albanian mountain village Skroma. A container donated by local NGO Mundesia was used as a location for the workshop. We got some extra participants from kids of the village.… Continue reading

Photography workshop I Mitrovica

Mixed group of participants with different ethnic background joined the photographing workshop organized in Mundesia in Mitrovica.     

Paper bead workshop in Mitrovica I

  Second group of jewelry making took place in Mundesia‘s activity room in Mitrovica city. Participants came from different villages and communities; Albanians, Serbians, Romans and Turks spend the day together learning new… Continue reading

Paper bead workshop in Skroma

  First workshop group took place in Skroma village about an hour ride from Mitrovica city. Every woman and girl made a pair of earrings using recycled paper as main material. Delicious home… Continue reading

Back to Mitrovica, Kosovo

In December/January I was traveling in Balkans with my journalist friend Verna Leinonen. Because of  her work we ended up heading to north of Kosovo, to municipality of Mitrovica to visit local NGO… Continue reading

Via Ljubljana

  I’m on my way to Kosovo, stopping for a short visit to Ljubljana.    

Leaving Maastricht behind…

  One year in Maastricht has passed. Though I thought that I’m going to stay here for the next 3 years after years of moving around, still and steady, a change is coming… Continue reading

WiP: Women of Mitrovitsa

  The series of photographs are taken in January 2013 in Mitrovitsa, in Kosovo.

Women of Mitrovitsa

    We had a chance to go to north of Kosovo which is still divided area between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs. In Mitrovitsa we visited local NGO Mundesia. They are organizing women… Continue reading

Newborn of Pristina

The sculpture Newborn in the center of Pristina stands for the Kosova Declaration of Independence Day, 17 February 2008.

On the top of Prizren

Prizren is a beautiful little town full of feeling. Before jumping in a bus towards Pristina we hiked up to the fortress.    

Arriving to Kosovo – town of Prizren


On our way to Kosovo

We jumped in a night bus to Novi Pasar in Serbia to continue with “the secret connection” towards Kosovo.  

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