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Talk: Kim Waldron in C-Platform

E!: Happening in 不愿去艺文空间

The event started with an official speech hold by a worker turned into a performer. Artists were invited to tear a piece of paper and do anything with it inside the gallery space.… Continue reading

WiP: drawing

Happiness at the door

WiP: Now now

‘Today I felt so frustrated that I left my house and run to the beach. When I reached the beach packed with tourists, I stopped because I did not want to look pathetic.… Continue reading

Posing on the beach

WiP: Meeting shapes

Still frames from video  

E!: Unlocked – Roland Lauth in CEAC

WiP: sense of shapes


E: Made in Quebec – opening in CEAC


WiP: drawing

WiP: drawing

E!: Black water opening in CEAC

E!: Wondering shapes in Nothing

White yellow nutrition

E: Fine Gestures – article

See the whole article here.  

WiP: drawing


WiP: drawing

E!: Fine Gestures in Nothing gallery

Happiness on beach

In Nothing

E!: Fine gestures – Laura Puska in Nothing Gallery

  Fine Gestures 微妙微肖 Laura Puska 劳拉·普斯卡 Nothing Gallery 无画廊 Xiamen, China   Opening 开幕  the 11th of April

WiP: recorded moments

WiP: Gestures

Sun sunday

E!: opening – The driver is a woman


WiP: display of moments

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