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Home of Iceland


WiP: Wait – performance on black

  Second night in row, working on the black beach of Kjalarnes in the lightness of Icelandic June.    

WiP: Composition for black, blue & a woman

  I’m back for a quick visit to my old home in Kjalarnes, in Iceland, and just amazed by the lightness of Icelandic summer nights. I can’t sleep, I don’t want to sleep,… Continue reading

WiP: Study from grey to blue

  Stop motion documentation of a change of day in Iceland. The whole loop can be seen in vimeo.  

Leaving behind the black beach

Back home in Kjalarnes

Around Iceland – done! Back home in Kjalarnes. One more week left here on my black beach…

Getting ready for the tour …

  ALmost on the road… What you need to have when driving around an island, is a coffee maker…   All you need is an empty package of Icelandic skyr, with a little… Continue reading

… … ..

Walk the line in grayness

Night turning into day

Early morning! Having already more than 12 hours of daylight per day, I feel the summer coming… Effective day for everyone!  

A performance on a black beach

  A meeting with wind   The performance by Johanna Pétursdóttir and Laura Puska took a place on a beach in Kjalarnes on a sunny day in March.    Photos by Johanna Pétursdóttir.  … Continue reading

Walking on the bottom of the sea

… weather

After crazy stormy night rainy day I still had to go and make sure my beach was still there.    

Bubbly bubbles

2 hours on a beach with bubbles  

Silvery days of storm

Found rhythm

I grow rainbows in my garden

Spring is coming. Only rain and sunshine. And rainbows growing in my garden.    

Dancing paperweights, grinding & polishing

Paperweights by Sigrun Einarsdottir, Gler i Bergvik.      

Working sunday

A walk on a beach between working and working. Need to hire someone to roll beads for me…    

Change is good

Going somewhere is good. Falling for something is good.   Leaving is good.  

I keep forgetting that I’m in Iceland…

I see only the nature around me.


I had planned to go to Reykjavik to see some exhibitions but the Icelandic weather stopped me.  So I spent 2 hours to go to grocery shopping (because of a sunday bus schedule),… Continue reading


There’s someone else going for walks on a beach too.

Snow, snow and wind

I could barely find my way to the studio this morning..!

A moment of dancing lights

I wake up, I see the water vapor rising from the pool and the whole sky is full of northern lights. I have never seen them dancing like that. I’m staring out of… Continue reading

C like culture

I had time for a morning walk on my beach before heading to town with Sigrun and our guest glass teacher/ blower Leif.     On the way we went to a progressive art… Continue reading

The end of experimentations

A great week at Gler i Bergvik with students from Myndlistaskólinn of Reykjavik is over.  Lots of experimentations and observations. See more photos from the week.   Photo by Auður Eva Ásberg

16.-20.1 in Gler i Bergvik

Sigrun‘s students from Reykjavik’s Myndlistaskólinn came to the studio with their clay moulds!    Our guest teacher Leif flew from Denmark where he’s running his own workshop Pust with his wife Christina Hellevik.  … Continue reading


I’m admiring the house every time I pass it.

Melting and filling

Melting glass and filling the furnace. We are ready for the busy week when a group of Sigrun’s students  from Myndlistaskólinn í Reykjavík is arriving to Gler i Bergvik.

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