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WiP: stand by me

Performance – Alegrias in AINSI

    During the weekend a flamenco group of Martine Haesen as a teacher is performing in AINSI,  Art Industry Nature Society Innovation, in Maastricht, NL.   Photo by Hans van Eijsden  … Continue reading

WiP: destiny of ceramic kitchen mitts

Video of the performance can be seen soon.  

WiP: obsession of order in red

E!: lecture by Ryan Gander

As a former student of Jan van Eyck Academy London-based artist Ryan Gander returned to Maastricht to give a talk about his work.

WiP: Paper – torn, painted and rolled

WiP: red week

  It seems to be a red week.   Ceramic kitchen mitts got a layer of color, and they’re ready to be destroyed.   

WiP: hand in hand – trapped ones

WiP: hand in hand – portrait of us

WiP: misuse of protection

WiP: red tuesday

WiP: hand in hand – comfort

WiP: hand in hand – trust and hope


O!: a visitor – Oscar Lourens

An open interview with Dutch artist Oscar Lourens in ABKM.

WiP: kitchen study


WiP: newspaper into structure – painting

Fragile surface of newspaper is hiding under a layer of paint.

WiP: light head

E!: Light bar – Fabrice Hermans

Opening of Light Bar by Fabrice Hermans in Gallery Stevens in Maastricht

WiP: enjoy the sun

WiP: proposal for space – site-specific work

WiP: perceiving order


WiP: distortion of a holding hand

Casting and recasting, using a mold made out of alginate, cast in hard plaster.    

Creating chaos – studio in weekends

Weekends are dedicated for creating chaos in my studio with alginate, gyps porcelain and hands    

WiP: perceiving disorder


WiP: paint & newspaper


WiP: landscapes

WiP: Persuasion – painting water

  New work in process. Combining glass objects and painted water. Playing with rhythm, colors and sweet words.  

WiP: interaction between pieces

Observations in metal. Interaction of 2.  

WiP: Divided – video work

  More of the video work can be seen in vimeo  

Updates from atelier on Monday in February

Almost the end of February, I’m freezing in my studio.

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