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WiP: Women of Mitrovitsa

  The series of photographs are taken in January 2013 in Mitrovitsa, in Kosovo.

WiP: a roll of hidden things

The paper beads that I roll with my hands enclose pictures and words but only combination of colors is left to be seen on the surface of one bead.  

WiP: on the way to …

Right to be loved – video work

The video can be seen in vimeo: To be loved 2013 3,30min

WiP: potholders in row

Ceramic kettle gloves cast in plaster mould, shaped afterwards.

WiP: kettle glove – out of mould!

Finally the plaster mould was dry and I got to test how it comes out when pouring liquid clay inside.  

WiP: fingers crossed – testing alginate

For the first time I tried alginate to make molds with great details. It i made out of brown algae and also used by dentist (having a nice smell of mint). Very exciting!… Continue reading

WiP: fired empty nest

While my plaster mould is drying, I’m going back to some old work. Finally the other half of the empty house is being fired. Thinking of glazing, colors and presentation.  

WiP: Green chair of Tuesday

O!: Documentary of Bill Viola

A documentary about Bill Viola was shown in ABKM.

WiP: story telling & video work

I continued working with a story project I started some years ago. The story is turning into a video piece, visual story telling playing with rhythm of words.  The video will be in… Continue reading


Het was een geslaagde nieuwjaarsreceptie van Bonnefantenmuseum, Jan van Eyck Academie, Academie Beeldende Kunsten, Marres en NAiM/Bureau Europa. Saskia van Stein, artistiek directeur van Bureau Europa, sprak als gastvrouw de nieuwjaarswensen uit.  … Continue reading

WiP: Second half of the plaster mould

The second half of my kettle glove mould was made plaster catching all the little details of textile.   The mould will be dried in a drying cabinet for the next two weeks.

WiP: watch your fingers! – mould making

The kettle glove was being sealed with varnish and filled with paper. First a clay base was made as a preparation for a layer of plaster.   The best tricks for mould making… Continue reading

WiP: Back to the school bench

Holidays are over, like the amazing trip to Balkans. Time to get back to work!  

E!: Audioscoop – Intro In situ

Audio art in Maastricht   Two very different type of audio work were shown in Intro in situ. Mike Kamer’s  DNA and Marc ALberto’s Deler(s)

E!: Wonderwinderpand – alternative market

Wonderwinderpand – alternative winter market   Today in Landbouwbelang in Maastricht 12-6 pm     A Piece of news & Whisper in your ear – earrings can be found there!    

WiP: 145 pages of a rolled book

Rolling of the book is done.    Also there was Dennis’s performance in ABKM.

WiP: Color research nr.3

I seem to go on with the same blue … tuesdays

WiP: waiting for firing

Arranging and organizing, making the kiln ready for firing.     2 of these are waiting in a kiln to get dried and fired.     Also there was video art evening in… Continue reading

E!: Bubble – contemporary dance in Ainsi

Choreography by Thomas Devens, sound scape by audio artist Paul Devens:   Bubble in Ainsi Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht   See the trailer here.        

WiP: Hiding words

Here is the book that I started rolling, page by page, hiding all the words and pictures there is.

WiP: going big – abandoned house

After a series of smaller ones, I’m trying out how this abandoned shell would work in a bigger scale.

WiP: Painting Tuesday

Tuesday was full of prussian blue    

O!: Never sorry

Movie evening in ABKM. Screening of Ai Weiwei film Never sorry.

WiP: Sketching abandoned

Sketching with clay continues. Here is a 2-parted abandoned house.

WiP: observing abandoned

I did some trials with liquid clay to observe some abandoned placing/housing

WiP: Painting with colors – start of a new block

  Done with black and white, we continue observing with colors.

WiP: Spell – installation work

The installation in the white room is getting ready.      A spell is a video projection combined with a hanging sculpture of paper beads. The installation was open for an audience today… Continue reading

O!: Continuing the Cremaster cycle

The film by Matthew Barney is shown in ABKM.  

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