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Found composition 

Found colors 

Clouds & buses

Kunniavieras – accessible art event in Rauma

Reworking Dialogue

Ellen in her studio

Kunniavieras – accessible art event coming!

Leaning against 

Visit from Persia

How to negotiate?

Walking with Amy Sharrocks

W o r d s

Morning London

But Birmingham 

The sun

In the mirror of Akerman

E: Regle du jeu 

I eyer

Toilet cabin


Curtain maker



Composition of corridor

Over Paris


Winter view

E: Opening of Lähellä

Opening on the 18th of February at 9pm Intimacy Project / Lähellä Installation by Laura Puska Hirvitalo The Center of Contemporary Art Pispala, Tampere, Finland

Getting ready

There it stands

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