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Gesture in snow


Napakelkka on the ice


Cruising on ice


New year welcome

Who painted the sky?

WiP: Paper structures

A change of the wind

 Only 9 Celsius degrees outside when I woke up before 6am this morning. There’s been a change in the wind. The summer is almost over, and in two weeks I’m leaving Finland behind… Continue reading

Rhythm of July

Roaming in the forests

Kokoo koko kokko

Leaving behind the black beach

Walk the line in grayness

A performance on a black beach

  A meeting with wind   The performance by Johanna Pétursdóttir and Laura Puska took a place on a beach in Kjalarnes on a sunny day in March.    Photos by Johanna Pétursdóttir.  … Continue reading

… weather

After crazy stormy night rainy day I still had to go and make sure my beach was still there.    

Silvery days of storm


Work hours of the night

Sometimes you just can’t go to bed…


I’m admiring the house every time I pass it.

Isolated Iceland

  What a storm..! Winds from 18 all the way up to 30 metres per second. Heavy snow. Even my swimming pool stayed closed today.   Well, I only wanted to stay home… Continue reading

Back and forth

. . .

Following clouds

Getting grey

Winter is coming and the weather is changing.   Wind. Rain. Grayness. And 6 mins less light every day.

Blowing wind


Blue island

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