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Studio view

If your hands are in the dish

Beach pattern

Who painted the sky?

WiP: Paper structures

A change of the wind

 Only 9 Celsius degrees outside when I woke up before 6am this morning. There’s been a change in the wind. The summer is almost over, and in two weeks I’m leaving Finland behind… Continue reading

Rhythm of July

Rhythm in the east

Finnish June

Walking on the bottom of the sea

Bubbly bubbles

2 hours on a beach with bubbles  

Found rhythm

A pattern of the day

Stones playing with colors. Geysir, Haukadalur valley, Iceland.


There’s someone else going for walks on a beach too.

Back in Iceland after holidays

Calm down

Getting back to normal rhythm after busy weekend in the studio. The christmas sale of Gler i Bergvik is over and done!

Getting grey

Winter is coming and the weather is changing.   Wind. Rain. Grayness. And 6 mins less light every day.

Blowing wind

Pattern of the day

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