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Cruising on ice



Remains of mermaid

Who painted the sky?

WiP: Paper structures

Welcome to Netherlands

Late last night I found my way to my new home in Maastricht, Netherlands. Jiih!    

A change of the wind

 Only 9 Celsius degrees outside when I woke up before 6am this morning. There’s been a change in the wind. The summer is almost over, and in two weeks I’m leaving Finland behind… Continue reading

Pipe army

A piece of a glass jungle

These new kind of glass tubes by Chihuly are one of things that came out of 10 days of working in Nuutajärvi.

Rhythm of July

The endless day

of Finnish midsummer  

Roaming in the forests

Kokoo koko kokko

Rhythm in the east

Follow the stripes

Finnish June

Leaving behind the black beach

Morning in Sæberg

… … ..

Walk the line in grayness

A performance on a black beach

  A meeting with wind   The performance by Johanna Pétursdóttir and Laura Puska took a place on a beach in Kjalarnes on a sunny day in March.    Photos by Johanna Pétursdóttir.  … Continue reading

Walking on the bottom of the sea

Bubbly bubbles

2 hours on a beach with bubbles  

Found rhythm

Destruction of a phone book III



Working sunday

A walk on a beach between working and working. Need to hire someone to roll beads for me…    

Rolling rolling

I’m running out of magazines soon…   Also I’ve been admiring some amazing press photos today.

Sunday morning hike

We started our Sunday by going for a hike. From the top of Mosfell mountain I could almost see my house at the feet of Esja.   The hike was about 6 km… Continue reading

Golden circle tour

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