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WiP: netting

WiP: Paper structures

Sketching forms

Sketching shapes and forms under a theme of Japanese mythology. The lantern will be shown as a part of a bigger piece next week in the Jardin de Wiltz in Luxembourg.    The… Continue reading

Welcome to Netherlands

Late last night I found my way to my new home in Maastricht, Netherlands. Jiih!    

The endless day

of Finnish midsummer  

Kokoo koko kokko

Finnish June

Morning in Sæberg

A lava field, moss and birch bushes

Tosca and laura are traveling… The trip around the icy island has started!   Today we passed by Grábrókarhraun, about 3000 years old lava field, covered with moss and birch bushes. We also wanted… Continue reading

Walking on the bottom of the sea

Bubbly bubbles

2 hours on a beach with bubbles  


Sunday morning hike

We started our Sunday by going for a hike. From the top of Mosfell mountain I could almost see my house at the feet of Esja.   The hike was about 6 km… Continue reading

Covered Esja

Back in Iceland after holidays

A little bit of christmas

Esja got a snow cover

Getting grey

Winter is coming and the weather is changing.   Wind. Rain. Grayness. And 6 mins less light every day.

Walking to the right

Walking to the left

Visiting countryside

Still I had time for a quick visit to the countryside in the east of Finland before I’m off again. Check the autumn video here.

Rhythms and structures

Cemetery of Montjuic

Day in Parque Güell

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