My home at the feet of Esja mountain

A view from Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik.

Goodbye to the sun, hello the moon

Rising moon at 5pm.

A fox lady of the thursday night

Calm down

Getting back to normal rhythm after busy weekend in the studio. The christmas sale of Gler i Bergvik is over and done!

. . .

Getting ready for christmas sale

Spending my whole saturday morning with my grindings and Leonard Cohen.

Left behind, little star

Esja got a snow cover

letting go of grey, falling for blue

Long day in the studio

   Getting ready for the christmas sale and working hard in the studio. Huih.

Walk on my sandy beach

Kitty cat

We got a visitor again. Found him on our way to the swimming pool. 

Ida’s day; country girls and punty pams

Amazing drawing class

Such an interesting drawing class with two (and half) models! Made my week.

Following clouds

Getting grey

Winter is coming and the weather is changing.   Wind. Rain. Grayness. And 6 mins less light every day.

Black mountain, black stones, black sand

Remains of a mermaid

Blowing wind

Horses are back from the mountains

Following the sun

Walking to the right


my house and the mountain

Purple moment

Walking to the left

Sigrun’s day

Walk on a beach

Blue island

Washing glass

Hui, what a system! …Better be clean glass after this…

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