I had just arrived to the International Airport…

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When reality feels like a dream

I had just arrived to the International Airport of Imam
Khomeini, Tehran, Iran. I wanted to kiss my boyfriend ? we
made it, I screamed inside my head ? but I wouldn?t have
dared to do it, not in a million years. I was veiled now.

When we waited for our bags, it was difficult to come up with
pieces of conversation. Everything looked so exotic ? and
still so familiar.

We found our driver and walked out into the chilly air of the
6 am. I felt my heart beating, my cheaks being red. There I

There I was, on the land no Westerner owned, where my
precious Visa was just a pathetic piece of plastic and my
education ? who cares! But I wasn?t scared, just clueless.

When the driver put on a cd, we were already speeding on a
highway in the middle of the wasteland. There were
streetlights there, and their dim, orange light leaded the

Then, we heard the smooth voice of Beyoncé blasting away.

Still so familiar.