I walked into the white room…

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I walked into the white room. She was sitting on the bed. Her 
look wandered through the doorway and went on along the walls.
 I walked in front of her smiling and asked: "Do you 
recognize me?" She started to smile too saying: "I'm so happy 
you came". I took a chair and sat down close to her. After 
talking for a while she started to stare at distance, not 
saying a word and just looking overwhelmingly happy. "Can you 
see that?" she asked me, "that's my bedroom and all my loved 
ones are there". "Oh, sounds wonderful", I replied. She looked
 at me with hazy enthusiastic eyes, "So wonderful. So 
wonderful, that can it even be true?". I put my hand on her 
shoulder and said incidentally "Well, that's something I'm 
not gonna say anything about".