In a land far far away there was a little boy named paul…

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In a land far far away there was a little boy named paul, He
lived in a tudor cottage and he liked to play.
There were Raindeers in his garden, and snowdrops beneath his

Everything was happy and full of glee, until one fearful day
he had to leave his home because a war was looming.
So he packed up his suitcase with flowers and cheese and off
he went with his tail between his legs.

First he visited Robin Hood in Nottingham where he studied
Fine Art for three years he didn't learn to paint though he
just learnt how to vocalise and conceptulise his ideas. But
Nottingham was a scary place with lots of knife crime. So the
young Paul Decided to leave for London where he had heard the
streets were paved with Gold !

So off he went with a trumpty trump trump, London was at first
 a very big and scary place, but soon he found his feet, he
soon realised that the streets were not made of gold at all,
it was all just a metaphor for the fact that london was full
of little shining Gems.

Seven years passed in contented bliss he even found his lover
a cat named Richard, and they lived happily in London. Until
one very grey day and they had to flee to the safety of
Switzerland. London was in Chaos as each and every being had
sucked up those little gems and the streets were no longer
paved with Gold.

In switzerland however the air was clean, the Unicorns roamed
freely and the cats and mouses played happy together.

Today little Paul and his Lover Richard Live between Spain
and Switzerland where the sun shines brightly and there are
no Wars or greedy people only Love and happiness for eternity.

A story of Dreams and Reality by Paul Chisholm 2011