Well, am I supposed to talk about love?…

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                             -when reality feels like a dream

Well, am I supposed to talk about love? SO fleeting it seems
like a dream, unreal. Sometimes when one is so focused on a
single task, like breathing or writing, or looking for the
right words, there is a shift in consciousness and then
perhaps exists in between the layers of waking and dreaming.
It’s always when those dreams, those desires come true, and
join us in reality: that is the moment up for discussion.
Sometimes when you lose everything that matters to you—once I
was in dance school training to become a professional dancer,
and then I wasn’t. Oh sure there were several events leading
up to my eventual expulsion, but maybe, just maybe I was
living in a dream? Not facing reality? Choosing my reality,
choosing what to face or ignore in my waking life. Or, I was
just hanging out in the illusions of my dreams of being a
professional dance artist. We say, “follow your dreams”, but
the saying should really be: “follow your dreams, but
remember that you’re dreaming, and keep one foot in reality”.

 by anonymous