Well, let’s start from the very first time I had fallen in love…

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Well, lets start from the very first time I had fallen in
love. It was the starting of my 6th grade when I was sent
away to a boarding school on a far far far away isolated
island. There I met a boy who had light blond hair and deep
blue eyes. His features seemed so surreal and fascinating.
Before I realized it I was already hypnotized.

From my instinct, a natural born hunter, I knew right away
that he was the one had to get. I then started to read all
beauty magazines in the market, both old and new issues for
tips to get guys. Also, I have looked up in Google and
consulted older friends and cousins for more advice.

Finally, I had him turned around and made 3 second eye 
contact, my heart almost stopped beating. From that moment on,
the whole world felt new to me. Food tasted better, I could
feel the touch of the love songs I used to hear and 
Shakespeare seemed so much easier to comprehend.

But the whole world suddenly collapsed when he
whispered "hi" closely to my face after lunch... not sure if
it was garlic or a dead rat that he ate...

dude.... my heart was so broken.  

by anonymous