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WiP: in relation to

  In relation to VII

Talk: Elizabeth Price

Artist talk by Elizabeth Price in de Ateliers   “…Being shy is fucking boring. I was so shy that I had to teach myself to talk…”    

WiP: in relation to

  In relation to VI

Talk: Nina Canell

Artist talk by Nina Canell in de Ateliers     “…I would like us to stay with bubble gum and cables for a while…”    

E: First moments of things I saw

First moments of things I saw by Antoinette Nausikaä WG Punt      

WiP: in relation to

  In relation to V

Talk: Jerome Harrington

Talk & workshop by Jerome Harrington in the Gerrit Rietveld Academie     “…glass is transparent, you can see everything, so what happens has to be magic…”    

Talk: Launch of Untitled by Anu Vahtra

Launch of UNTITLED by Anu Vahtra in San Serriffe Amsterdam      

Talk: artist talk by Beny Wagner

Talk by Beny Wagner Gerrit Rietveld Academie   “…how glass, or transparent materials, work historically as an extension of eye…”

Talk: Koenraad Dedobbeleer

Library Talk #5 On architecture Koenraad Dedobbeleer Rietveld Pavilion   “…After WW2 the trend was to show power, architecture stood in front of the art. Instead of art the focus was on outside,… Continue reading

WiP: in relation to

  In relation to IV

E: Affinities #2

Affinities #2 Galerie Fons Welters  

Talk: Ursula Mayer

Talk by Ursula Mayer in de Ateliers      

WiP: in relation to

  In relation to III

Kitchen drawing


WiP: glove experiment with glass dough


WiP: in relation to

  In relation to II

WiP: Pate de verre


E: The Magic bus & other stories

Renate Jacobs The Magic Bus & other stories opening Sunday the 4th of October, 5 to 8 pm RONGWRONG Amsterdam  

WiP: in relation to

In relation to I

Talk: gallery talk Tino Sehgal

Gallery talk Tino Sehgal by Vivian Ziherl Stedelijk, Amsterdam      

Talk: No internet, no art

Launch of No Internet, No Art in San Serriffe Amsterdam  

WiP: I’m in – a target


WiP: I’m in – a hair cloud


WiP: I’m in – a forest


WiP: I’m in – side a stone


WiP: I’m in – a game


talk: ZERO now


talk: The Radicality of Love by Srecko Horvat

The Radicality of Love by Srecko Horvat Rijksakademie

WiP: I’m in – a nest


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