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WiP: I’m in – side red dots


WiP: I’m in – my white box


E: Amsterdam Drawing 2015


WiP: I’m in – blue

WiP: I’m in – a cage

WiP: I’m in – a cake



WiP: I’m in – surrounded by a wall

Leftover colors

talk: Video theory by Helen Westgeest

Video Art Theory: A Comparative Approach by Helen Westgeest Stedelijk

Back in Adam


WiP: space between

WiP: space between

WiP: space between

Space between II

WiP: Space between I

WiP: transparent persuasion

Still frames from video sketch  


Preparing Persuasion

Happy holidays



WiP: space between


WiP: saints and chairs


WiP: working in Ocean base

  Working in Ocean base with Quentin Dupuy    

WiP: Space between and a side of me

  Still frames from video    

WiP: Space between – getting ready

Getting ready for the assessments  

WiP: Saints in row


Talk: Esther Jiskoot

Artist talk by Esther Jiskoot in Rietveld    

WiP: Space between


WiP: Space between – in the hotshop

  First trials are done. Now we try to blow into a more concrete mould with help by glass blower Erno Takala.  

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