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Artist talk: Sarah Pichlkostner

Artist talk Sarah Pichlkostner De Ateliers Amsterdam, NL

Artist talk: Neil Beloufa

Artist talk Neil Beloufa De Ateliers Amsterdam, NL    

Talk: Nora Schultz

Artist talk Nora Schultz De Ateliers Amsterdam, NL    

Talk: Michael Raedecker

Artist talk Michael Raedecker De Ateliers Amsterdam, NL    

Talk: Lauren Prouvost was not there

artist talk Laure Prouvost de Ateliers Amsterdam, NL    

Talk: Gert Robijns

Talk by Gert Robijns De Ateliers Amsterdam, NL    

Talk: artist visit by Remy Jungerman

Artist talk by Remy Jungerman in the Gerrit Rietveld Academie    

Talk: Melanie Bonajo

Artist talk by Melanie Bonajo the Gerrit Rietveld Library   “…when it is here (printed), you can not take it apart anymore. In a book, it does not belong to me, or to… Continue reading

Talk: Exchange

  Other, other time, other place Video lecture by Laura Puska in the Gerrit Rietveld Academy

Talk: Elizabeth Price

Artist talk by Elizabeth Price in de Ateliers   “…Being shy is fucking boring. I was so shy that I had to teach myself to talk…”    

Talk: Nina Canell

Artist talk by Nina Canell in de Ateliers     “…I would like us to stay with bubble gum and cables for a while…”    

Talk: artist talk by Beny Wagner

Talk by Beny Wagner Gerrit Rietveld Academie   “…how glass, or transparent materials, work historically as an extension of eye…”

Talk: Koenraad Dedobbeleer

Library Talk #5 On architecture Koenraad Dedobbeleer Rietveld Pavilion   “…After WW2 the trend was to show power, architecture stood in front of the art. Instead of art the focus was on outside,… Continue reading

Talk: Ursula Mayer

Talk by Ursula Mayer in de Ateliers      

Workshop in Bornholm – talk by Mia Lerssi

As an evening entertainment, talk by Danish artist Mia Lerssi who is currently living in Bornholm.    

Talk: visiting artist Mette Colberg

Quest artist Mette Colberg in Rietveld   She is making her own lenses for camera causing distortion and dream like views.        

Talk: Ed Atkins in de Ateliers

Lecture by Ed Atkins in de Ateliers, Amsterdam              

Talk: Artist lecture by Hassan Khan

As the first one of the spring lecture series in de Ateliers   by artist Hassan Khan                        

Talk: Artist talk by Crystal Gregory

The artist of residence of the glass department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, New York based artist Crystal Gregory gave a talk about her work and her mission to discover Dutch lace. She has… Continue reading

E!: lecture by Ryan Gander

As a former student of Jan van Eyck Academy London-based artist Ryan Gander returned to Maastricht to give a talk about his work.

E!: t.a.l.k.s by Katarina Zdjelar

Art in public space, language as a tool, art and travel …   As a part of Paraphrasing Babel, video and audio art event in public space, Katarina Zdjelar came to ABKM to… Continue reading

E!: t.a.l.k.s. by Imogen Stidworthy

T.a.l.k.s. in ABKM by British artist Imogen Stidworthy as a part of Paraphrasing Babel.  

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