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WiP: On a way to …

WiP: Singing hidden words

A new installation in the white room for the week nr. 2.   A video projection with a flow of rolled words.

O!: work of Romy Finke

Photographs and textile beautiful work by Romy Finke   She is also teaching in ABKM classes of photographing.

WiP: Don’t speak

A new block, new ideas. Theme in this block is an extended video.   I started working with photographs and stop motion technique.        

WiP: Every word you say I will keep – installation work

Every word you say I will keep is an installation with audio track and with hundreds of paper beads rolled from magazines, hiding and storing all the words and pictures.   The installation… Continue reading

E!: hypNOtalk video installation

hypNOtalk and all the other videos of Paraphrasing Babel workshop for 2nd year students of ABKM can be seen today in Boschstraat 9, Timmerfabriek, in Maastricht at 18.00. As well hypNOtalk is shown… Continue reading

WiP: Pour Elle

733 paper beads made out  of Elle magazine   Work in progress in the white room.  

WiP: building an installation

Since last Monday, I’ve been building an installation with my paper beads in a white room upstairs.  For two weeks, I have a change to use the white room and experiment.  

WiP: (Photographed) Stories

The serious of love stories is about to be ready.

E!: hypNOtalk

In cooperation with the Viewmaster foundation, as 2nd year students of ABKM, we had a video workshop under the theme of Paraphrasing Babel, language and communication. Videos we have been working on during the… Continue reading

E!: t.a.l.k. by Imogen Stidworthy

The last t.a.l.k of Paraphrasing Babel was given by a British artist Imogen Stidworthy in ABKM.   Her soundscape installation can be seen in Maastricht in Landbouwbelang until the closing of Paraphrasing Babel… Continue reading

WiP: color experiments – glazing

Remember the violent mess…   This is how it turned out. Cracked turquoise with different tones of brown varying into yellow and green.

E!: t.a.l.k.s by Katarina Zdjelar

Art in public space, language as a tool, art and travel …   As a part of Paraphrasing Babel, video and audio art event in public space, Katarina Zdjelar came to ABKM to… Continue reading

WiP: experimental mess

It looks like a violent mess but no, it’s only my glazing experimentation of the day!

O!: Squirrels and more Finnish video art

…And I moved to the Netherlands to watch some more Finnish video art…   Siis: Monday morning & Anssi Kasitonni

WiP: 1 elle magazine equals 733 paper beads

And I rolled, sealed and counted them all…

E!: T.A.L.K. by Jeroen Offerman

An interesting lecture by Dutch artist Jeroen Offerman  (pity that it was in Dutch…)   The T.A.L.K. took a place in ABKM and it is a part of Paraphrasing Babel, video art in… Continue reading

WiP: watch nd walk urban

WiP: watch nd walk

E!: Opening of Paraphrasing Babel

Art in public space in Maastricht and in Heerlen. The theme for 35 video and audio pieces is language; visual, spoken and written language observing its power and boundaries. The Paraphrasing Babel will… Continue reading

O! – Speaking of which: 100 art words

CEREBRAL … and 99 other art words   English artist Paul Chisholm put together 100 words used to describe contemporary art practice. Paul is an artist based in London and in Palma. His… Continue reading

E! – The idea by LeWitt

 A beautiful film of Chris Teerink (2012) about Sol LeWitt was shown in Lumiere on Sunday afternoon. Afterwards there was a musical performance by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) in Sol LeWitts Walldrawing Spiral # 801… Continue reading

WiP: Gemini – video work

  More of the video work can be seen in vimeo  

WiP: netting

WiP: Clay play

WiP: cushion

WiP: Sketch & paint

O! – Loop Pool

Loop Pool   50 videos by 55 artists   Graw Böckler project, commissioned by the 51st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2005  

WiP: Plaster nr2

WiP: Tuesday sketch

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