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Paper bead workshop in Mitrovica I

  Second group of jewelry making took place in Mundesia‘s activity room in Mitrovica city. Participants came from different villages and communities; Albanians, Serbians, Romans and Turks spend the day together learning new… Continue reading

Back to Mitrovica, Kosovo

In December/January I was traveling in Balkans with my journalist friend Verna Leinonen. Because of  her work we ended up heading to north of Kosovo, to municipality of Mitrovica to visit local NGO… Continue reading

Catching thoughts

Coming exhibition Hvernig rúllar þú fréttunum?    

o oh

Destruction of a phone book III


Rolling rolling

I’m running out of magazines soon…   Also I’ve been admiring some amazing press photos today. http://www.worldpressphoto.org/

Work hours of the night

Sometimes you just can’t go to bed…

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