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Gesture in snow

Guarding bear

Found composition

Window view

Snow fortress 

Sun setting


Napakelkka on the ice


Cruising on ice


Landing on the Moon


Helsinki with mountains


I You It – performance in Pori today!

I You It – performance by Laura Puska is taking in Pori. Moving around the city centre during the day and in the evening opening the art festival of Porin Juhlaviikot! Photo by… Continue reading

Hanging house

Found composition 

Found colors 

Clouds & buses

Kunniavieras – accessible art event in Rauma

Kunniavieras – accessible art event coming!

Winter view

E: Opening of Lähellä

Opening on the 18th of February at 9pm Intimacy Project / Lähellä Installation by Laura Puska Hirvitalo The Center of Contemporary Art Pispala, Tampere, Finland

Getting ready

There it stands

Building up

E: Lähellä – opening soon


Towards the unknown

  Read the whole article: http://www.satakunnankansa.fi/lukemisto/esitystaiteen-iskuryhma-hautumon-viisikko-matkustaa-kohti-tuntematonta-14047668/

A hole in the ice


How to be together?


Hautumo Raumautuu

  The incubator program of performance art is kicking off at Rauma, in the west of Finland. Our first Hautumo home is in the art residency of Raumars, located in the beautiful old… Continue reading

Let it snow


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