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Fo Fo Fo

On forest

Stone builder

         Work by Joan Mena

Him alone


Search of memories II


Search of memories I


E: immigrants and animals: Looking down and backwards…

How long is too long – video installation by Laura Puska invited by: immigrants and animals: Looking down and backwards… hosted by: Ehkä-production at Contemporary Art Space Kutomo Turku, FI  

WiP: in grandfathers hands


Winter view in Finland


E: Coming evening with immigrants & animals

Coming exhibition: performance evening with immigrants & animals 13th of Feb Ehkä-production Contemporary Art Space Kutomo Turku, FI

WiP: Grandfather’s hands


To Finland


Finland finland

Helsinki view

Running on lake ice

Running on lake ice

Running on lake ice


From a ball into a heart. Thanks for Sumi from hair salon Dandy, Helsinki.    

Finland finland

Giving Amsterdam a break, I am back in Finland preparing for my move to China.    

To white Finland

I’m running away and having my holidays already! I was happy to enjoy white Finland during my short visit home.    

Blue selection

E!: Tekijän Oikeudella

Tekijän Oikeudella Halli 25 (Telakkakatu 6) Helsinki   A group of Finnish visual artists speak out about fairness of copyright laws in Finland.    

E!: ZU – paintings

ZU  – paintings by Tuukka Tammisaari in Jangva Galleria, Helsinki  

Summery Helsinki

December snow record

Helsinki is covered with snow. I hope I’m able to catch my flight tomorrow morning!   In the morning of Christmas Day, 68 cm of snow was measured. Bicycles in front of a… Continue reading

Winter greetings

I left rainy, humid and cold Maastricht to visit snowy Finland for a few days.   Here it’s -26°C, air is dry and I’m sweating.  

A change of the wind

 Only 9 Celsius degrees outside when I woke up before 6am this morning. There’s been a change in the wind. The summer is almost over, and in two weeks I’m leaving Finland behind… Continue reading

Circus of glass

 Also these playful glass works are made in Nuutajärvi‘s glass village by Lasisirkus, Alma Jantunen and Johannes Rantasalo.                    

Pipe army

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