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E: at 1646

Victor en me at 1646

E: o o openings


Discovering Hong Kong art scene

Contemporary art in Taipei

E!: Exhibiting the Studio II

Two day event in the Galerie Fons Welters go on with following guests:   Nanne de Ru Maria Hlavajova Knalpot Hans Aarsman Knalpot (concert)   Compared to the first day with visual artists… Continue reading

E: Dynamism of the dream by Atousa Bandeh

Opening by Atousa Bandeh Dynamism of the dream   in Lumen Travo Amsterdam, NL                  

E!: Kling&Bang gallery in Reykjavik

Clive Murphy NEO PROTO DEMO 18th of May – 23rd of June 2013   Kling & Bang Gallery Reykjavik, Iceland  

A piece of history in Sarajevo

In the 11/07/95 Gallery, black and white photographs with two interactive stations with detailed videos and audio depicting the events of July 1995 are exhibited for a memory of the genocide of Srebrenica.… Continue reading

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