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Walking with Amy Sharrocks

Live from Finland – art event in the Finnish Institute London

Eve with Tempting Failure

Hautumo studies


Hautumo travels

Live from Finland – coming!

Towards the unknown

  Read the whole article: http://www.satakunnankansa.fi/lukemisto/esitystaiteen-iskuryhma-hautumon-viisikko-matkustaa-kohti-tuntematonta-14047668/

How to be together?


Hautumo Raumautuu

  The incubator program of performance art is kicking off at Rauma, in the west of Finland. Our first Hautumo home is in the art residency of Raumars, located in the beautiful old… Continue reading

Hautumo is starting . . .

  The incubator program of performance art is starting in West of Finland, and I will be there as well! Read the whole article here https://frame-finland.fi/2017/01/11/esitystaiteen-kansainvalinen-sparrausohjelma-hautumo-kaynnistyy/

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