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WiP: wax view


WiP: Studio view


WiP: tööt


Talk: White Cube, Black Box – lecture by Claire Bishop

White Cube, Black Box: Fifty shades of grey? lecture by Claire Bishop at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL    

WiP: Alginate faces


Color containers


Container II


Ball head


How long is too long search


. . .


Container view


O: research visit

Research visit L.A. Raeven at Ellen de Bruijne Projects Amsterdam, NL    

WiP: studio view


– – –


WiP: I can not…

Still frame from video    

E: Background Evening

Background Evening performance by Tori Wrånes & Jan Erik Mikalsen in 1646 Den Haag    

Talk: Melanie Bonajo

Artist talk by Melanie Bonajo the Gerrit Rietveld Library   “…when it is here (printed), you can not take it apart anymore. In a book, it does not belong to me, or to… Continue reading

WiP: in relation to

  In relation to VIII

E: RA open

Rijksakademie Open Amsterdam Art Weekend    

Podium: Contemporary Art, Islam and the Middle East

Contemporary Art, Islam and the Middle East De Balie    

E: Amsterdam Art Weekend


Talk: (Hard Talk on) Soft Power

(Hard Talk on) Soft Power Rijksmuseum ArtTable Nederland    

Talk: Exchange

  Other, other time, other place Video lecture by Laura Puska in the Gerrit Rietveld Academy

WiP: in relation to

  In relation to VII

Talk: Elizabeth Price

Artist talk by Elizabeth Price in de Ateliers   “…Being shy is fucking boring. I was so shy that I had to teach myself to talk…”    

WiP: in relation to

  In relation to VI

Talk: Nina Canell

Artist talk by Nina Canell in de Ateliers     “…I would like us to stay with bubble gum and cables for a while…”    

E: First moments of things I saw

First moments of things I saw by Antoinette Nausikaä WG Punt      

WiP: in relation to

  In relation to V

Talk: Jerome Harrington

Talk & workshop by Jerome Harrington in the Gerrit Rietveld Academie     “…glass is transparent, you can see everything, so what happens has to be magic…”    

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