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WiP: Masks


WiP: monster series


WiP: studio view and monster factory


WiP: Tablecloth drawing and monsters

Suddenly I notice that my studio is turning pink. Portraits: tablecloth drawing as a result of observing video and a series of standing monsters    

WiP: Sister’s bed II

Sister’s bed II Still frame from video  

WiP: thoughtful orange woman

WiP: rest of a red woman

WiP: Red woman, again


WiP: Reflections on caring and carrying


WiP: Red head woman


WiP: Sketches for red figures

  Red seems to be in, still.   I enjoy working with watercolors because it’s so straightforward, it’s there and then, ready. I love working with photographs and video, but there is always… Continue reading

WiP: Persuasion III

New composition of persuasion is up!    

WiP: Water colors with Maria Roosen

  Finally after a slow start and a trip to Venice we are getting started in the glass department! These are sketches that came out during the water color class with Maria Roosen.… Continue reading

E!: ZU – paintings

ZU  – paintings by Tuukka Tammisaari in Jangva Galleria, Helsinki  

Obsession of red

WiP: obsession of white – video performance in space

  Obsession of white is a series of 4 videos combining performance with installation in space with paintings. More of the videos can be seen soon.    

WiP: space just for painting

WiP: Paper – torn, painted and rolled

WiP: red week

  It seems to be a red week.   Ceramic kitchen mitts got a layer of color, and they’re ready to be destroyed.   

WiP: red tuesday

WiP: newspaper into structure – painting

Fragile surface of newspaper is hiding under a layer of paint.

WiP: paint & newspaper


WiP: landscapes

WiP: Green chair of Tuesday

WiP: Back to the school bench

Holidays are over, like the amazing trip to Balkans. Time to get back to work!  

WiP: Color research nr.3

I seem to go on with the same blue … tuesdays

WiP: Painting Tuesday

Tuesday was full of prussian blue    

WiP: Painting with colors – start of a new block

  Done with black and white, we continue observing with colors.

O!: work of Ton Boelhouwer

Our paintings teacher, in ABKM, Ton Boelhouwer told us about his work.

WiP: back to corner painting

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