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Red is the color of building


WiP: Red persuasion and empty faces

I’m back home! In the studio red empty faces were waiting for me.    

WiP: Red

Still frames from video  

WiP: collection of red balls

Experienced glass blower and wonderful woman Alma Jantunen from Nuutajärvi’s glass village in Finland came for a short visit to rainy Amsterdam.   Some hours in the glass studio of the Rietveld Academie, and… Continue reading

WiP: Red persuasion in progress


WiP: Red persuasion

WiP: colored red

WiP: rolling balls flow

  I love blowing glass balls, filling them with colored water, and rolling them and making them flow    

WiP: Red persuasion – still life

WiP: Persuasion of red

Obsession of red

WiP: obsession of order in red

WiP: red week

  It seems to be a red week.   Ceramic kitchen mitts got a layer of color, and they’re ready to be destroyed.   

WiP: red tuesday

Helsinki helsinki

I keep forgetting that I’m in Iceland…

I see only the nature around me.

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